Mother Nature plays with us. Last week we had rain, wind, clouds, cold and blankets were your friend while watching TV and hats and gloves for outdoor activities, when it was not raining. Then Monday came and it was spring. Shirt sleeves, flip flops, sunglasses it was so nice and lifted everyone’s spirits.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Harrison Crowell, Italo Fernandes and Alfonso Malta, who all celebrated April 7; Luiz Dos Santos, Avery Ducharme, Julia Marino, Mabel DeRoche, Joao Dos Santos and Callen Foster April 9; Hunter Gilkes, April 10; Emanuelly Amaro, Alyssa Moreira, April 11; Ana Da Silva, Xavier Jimenez, April 12; Alice De Oliveira, Daisy Neadow, April 13; Isabella Florio, Riley Kaeka, April 17; and to Olivia McCormick, who celebrated April 18.

It was nice looking out my back door and seeing lights on. Drew and Paula Smith were here celebrating Paula’s birthday with her family and friends. Happy Birthday Paula; here is too many more.

I know the eclipse is old news, but a friend gave me a few pairs of glasses to share at work. So, when I told a few of them that I had glasses to share, I was disappointed at the lack of interest they showed. However, when the event started and they glimpsed the start of the eclipse, they all came out and watched. We had a great time passing the glasses around and I enjoyed watching the unexpected reaction.

I have been following the MVRHS Minnesingers who are in Austria right now and traveling to Germany to perform their beautiful music. They have sung in Salzburg Cathedral in Austria and have done an outside concert. They have also performed at Garmisch School of Music in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany. How lucky are they to travel to such beautiful places and share their talent. It is something they will soon not forget.

I just passed Edgartown Seafood and noticed that they will be opening April 19. I personally am looking forward to seeing the twins and Crocker. They work so hard all season, so I hope they had a good winter and are prepared for the summer.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.