We are now in the season of false spring, and the Steamship has been stymied by high winds. I hope it is clear sailing for you all this weekend.

Mary Afton Crandall had her spring break from Tabor Academy last week. She caught up with Island friends and her two brothers. Addie, her good friend from Tabor, spent a few days visiting. Now they are both back to the books.

In other neighborhood news, delightful Sammy Baer was adopted and relocated to the Lambert’s Cove Road area. However, he has taken a walk about from his new Mom. Gretchen Baer gave me notice that orange Sammy, her Mom’s faithful cat, might be on the road trying to get back to his home on Tashmoo Road. Sammy is friendly. If you see him or can catch him please call me or our animal control officer. Gretchen also reminds us of her Mom Jacqueline’s memorial service at Grace Church on Saturday, April 6 at 10:30 a.m.

Many of our students have been making waves. The elementary and high school classes of Vineyard Montessori have worked on a collaborative project for a year. They are now presenting it in New York at the United Nations to an international global conference.

Master artist and cartoonist, Paul Karasik won first prize at the New England Better Newspaper Competition for his entry on how the West Tisbury town clock works. I adore his work.

Karen Gerlach took second prize in the lip sync show at The Loft last weekend. This always popular event was put on by the Friends of Martha’s Vineyard Family Planning. Karen is also quite busy and happy this week with the arrival of her three grandchildren. A very busy household for Karen and her Mom, Marilyn VanTine.

Great Main street news for us all! Salvatore is opening another Italian restaurant, La Strada. Watch for an April soft opening.

Amanda Jensen braved driving in torrential rains to meet her idol on Martha’s Vineyard, our own Janet Messineo. Janet’s bestselling book, Casting into the Light, has been a beacon for Amanda. I have a lovely picture of Janet and Amanda together. Janet sent Amanda home with one of her hand painted horseshoe crab shells.

If anyone wants to write a nasty letter to Rand Paul in Kentucky, please let me read it. That dingbat used our name in vain. He has castigated federal funds being sent to our hospital here to improve services and equipment. Apparently Rand thinks we are all wealthy and don’t need it.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Hollis Kelly on March 31st. Many happy returns.