An Oak Bluffs taco place is on the move, opening a full-scale late night restaurant on Circuit avenue extension. 

Midnight Taco, which previously operated next to the Sand Bar in downtown Oak Bluffs, will reopen as a 49-seat restaurant with a patio this year across the street in the former Juice By the Sea location. 

The select board unanimously approved the new location and its request to serve alcohol among several other seasonal alcohol licenses at its meeting Tuesday.

Restaurant operator Jordan Wallace told the board he planned to serve northern Mexican and southern California cuisine, as well as serve margaritas and other alcoholic drinks. 

The restaurant could open at 8:30 a.m., serving breakfast tacos and micheladas, and operate through to last call when bars and restaurants close. 

Select board member Gail Barmakian aired some concerns about the area becoming a large party scene with people leaving the bar with their alcohol. 

Mr. Wallace assured the board he was familiar with the rules and had been enforcing them at other restaurants since he was a teenager. 

“The first time I told someone that they couldn’t leave a bar with an alcoholic beverage I think I was 14 years old,” he said. “I’m well-versed on the rules.”

He also emphasized that food was going to be the star of the show.

“A lot of people have margaritas on their menu, but no one else has midnight tacos,” Mr. Wallace said.

Midnight Taco will also take over part of the Washahore laundromat, but the laundromat would still stay open, said town administrator Deborah Potter.

The select board also approved four new pedestrian crosswalks in downtown Oak Bluffs. The crosswalks will be added across Ocean avenue at Lake avenue, across Healey Way at Ocean avenue to connect existing sidewalks, across Lake avenue at the bus stop on Sunset Lake, and across Duke County avenue at Lake avenue to connect the sidewalk to Sunset Lake. 

The board also removed an existing crosswalk connecting the Duke County and Lake avenues because it is on a blind corner.

“I frequently walk along here,” Ms. Potter added during the presentation on sidewalks, “I’ve nearly gotten hit by cars making right turns several times.”

The sidewalk changes were recommended by Waterfield Design Group and approved by the roads and byways committee before being voted on by the select board.

The board also vowed to take a look at how it could enforce and potential changes to the town’s plastic water bottle ban. The ban was initially approved at the 2021 annual town meeting but has not been enforced, officials said Tuesday.