If you live on this Island, or have visited for any length of time, you won't be surprised that Martha’s Vineyard is home to more than 130 nonprofit organizations. People here take care of each other – in times of duress or simply when an infusion of joy and hope is needed.

Nonprofits take that care a step further by providing everything from infrastructure and meals to classes and seminars to counseling and child care. There are nonprofits that provide access to arts and music, nonprofits that conserve Island land, and nonprofits that preserve Island history – and many more.

To recognize these organizations and the people who work hard to keep them alive, The Vine has published its eighth annual edition of The Heart of the Vineyard, a directory of Island nonprofits. The print version is in every edition of the current edition of the Vine going out to mailboxes and in the Vineyard Gazette on February 8, 2024.

You can click here to view a digitized PDF "flipbook" of the print edition.

The updated directory can be found online anytime at vineyardgazette.com/non-profit-directory.

We also hope The Heart of the Vineyard will inspire you to participate in one or more nonprofit initiative. Whether you donate time or money doesn’t matter; it’s the collaborative effort that keeps our community thriving.

We have made an effort to be comprehensive with this directory. If you would like to add a nonprofit to the directory or amend a listing, please email thevine@vineyardgazette.com.



Photo credits for top photo:  All photos by Ray Ewing, except cows - Maria Thibodeau.