The Martha’s Vineyard Commission this week approved a settlement with the applicants for a formerly-denied demolition and rebuilding project in Oak Bluffs.

“[They have] addressed, to some extent, more or less, all of the issues that we listed in our denial of the previous proposal,” commission chair Fred Hancock said at Thursday’s meeting.

Homeowners Eunu Chun and Lisa Kim sued the commission in 2022 after it denied their application to expand and winterize the property at 7 Arlington avenue.

The couple’s architect and attorney last month presented new plans for the house, which commissioners felt were more in keeping with its historic East Chop neighborhood than the previous design.

“The applicant and the architect worked very diligently and they took into consideration almost all of the suggestions of our architectural consultant,” Mr. Hancock said.

“I think this is in fact a much better proposal than the one that was denied, and it is significantly different from the one that was denied, so it doesn’t look like we just changed our mind,” he added.

The original building — part of an 1875 summer lodging house that was divided and moved to the site in 1917 — is structurally compromised, architect Chuck Sullivan told the commission in December.

“It’s really not feasible to [renovate] it,” Mr. Sullivan said.

On Thursday, commissioner Ben Robinson cast the only vote against approving the project.

“It’s essentially a new house, in a style of Oak Bluffs to some degree, but a new house. And so it is a loss of the history of that area,” Mr. Robinson said.

Among other business Thursday, commissioners confirmed their written decisions approving a new field house at the YMCA of MV in Oak Bluffs and the retroactive demolition of a house in Vineyard Haven.

They also began the process of reviewing the MVC bylaws for potential changes in 2024.

The next Martha’s Vineyard Commission meeting is scheduled for Jan. 18. 

The commission’s land use planning committee meets Jan. 8 for a pre-public hearing review of the Vineyard Montessori School’s expansion plans, which call for a new building housing four classrooms and the addition of a third septic system for the Vineyard Haven site.