Camp Jabberwocky is once again looking for an executive director after the resignation of Adam Perry, who was hired earlier this year to replace former director Liza Gallagher.

An arts professional and performer from Minneapolis, Mr. Perry opted not to stay on the Vineyard and returned this fall to his home town of Minneapolis, Minn., said Margaret Hannemann, incoming chair of Camp Jabberwocky’s board of directors.

It was an amicable departure and Mr. Perry has remained in touch with the camp board long distance, Ms. Hannemann told the Gazette.

“He’s been quite helpful in transitioning things,” he said.

Ms. Gallagher, meanwhile, has returned to the camp staff as a session director alongside veteran staffers Avis Olsen and Caitlin Lamb, with former session director Gabriela Cortez overseeing Jabberwocky’s 71st season next year.

“They’re starting to work together already [and] we’re excitedly going forward with planning,” Ms. Hannemann said.

Mr. Perry’s appointment as executive director last March followed a nationwide search that turned up a number of other promising candidates who are now under consideration again, Ms. Hannemann said.

“We’ll just go back to that well,” she said.

“I am not worried about finding someone very quickly... who will be a great executive,” Ms. Hannemann said.

Other changes in camp leadership, she said, include new board members Kathryn Fagan and Carol Michael, both parents of current or former Jabberwocky campers.

Mary Beth Grady, who joined the board last spring, is now its secretary and treasurer.

Ms. Grady is also an icon in the Jabberwocky community: She and Allison Burger, both former counselors at the camp, founded and ran Chilmark Chocolates, which was known for employing people with disabilities, until it closed in 2019 after more than 30 years in business.

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