The Vine’s holiday gift guide is our annual plea to shop local. It’s not a hard sell, we know. It’s way more fun to poke in and out of shops on Main street or to visit a holiday fair or pop-up than it is to sit in front of a computer. Supporting our friends and neighbors who are artisans or who own small businesses is a no-brainer. The biggest challenge to local shopping, it seems, is to refrain from buying a gift for yourself every time you buy one for someone else! But that’s a risk we’ll gladly take if it means keeping our dollars right here in our Island community.

This year, we’re also venturing off Main street to look for unusual gifts at one-of-a-kind shops, nurseries, farms and even liquor stores. We’re looking forward to meeting the shop owners if we don’t already know them; we know they’re eager to help us find the right gift, whether it’s a fancy bracelet, a great book, or a bottle of wine. And that’s the kind of personal help you won’t find on the Internet.

Don’t forget, many Island businesses offer gift certificates, too. So, no more worries about finding the perfect gift. There’s something out there for everyone – and for you.

The complete Holiday Gift and Shopping Guide is in both the print and digital editions of the Holiday edition of The Vine.