Oak Bluffs voters will tackle a variety of town projects and spending decisions next week when they convene for a special town meeting at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Performing Arts Center.

The meeting, which requires a quorum of 50 people, begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Attendees will cast their votes on 12 articles regarding town maintenance projects, affordable housing land designations and formatting changes to bylaws, among other affairs. 

Voters will kick off the night weighing in on the development of a solar energy system on an 18-acre parcel near the Oak Bluffs landfill. The system was approved at a town meeting five years ago when efforts to build it began, but the project was delayed by the Covid pandemic. 

On Tuesday, voters will be asked only to reaffirm their support. No additional funds need approval at this time, said town administrator Deborah Potter at a select board meeting earlier this month. 

“This is just a confirmatory vote for the Oak Bluffs townspeople to confirm the use of the land for this solar project,” wrote executive assistant Debra Alley in an email to the Gazette. 

The town is also asking voters to approve $15,000 for the general maintenance of the Oak Bluffs harbor, and $20,000 to repair buoys and signs in Lagoon Pond and other town waterways. 

The harbor master is additionally requesting $57,300 to purchase a vehicle for emergency response calls and launching and towing boats. She currently uses a privately-owned vehicle for harbor needs.

Later in the evening, residents will vote to designate two town-owned vacant lots on Panola avenue and Oak avenue as surplus. In the future, they may be developed into affordable housing.

“There is nothing definitive of what the [affordable housing projects] could look like there, but it gives the towns options and possibilities,” said Wendy Brough, assistant town administrator, in a phone interview with the Gazette. 

The night’s final article asks voters to approve minor changes to the formatting and wording of town bylaws. 

“There’s no actual change to any substantive bylaw,” said Ms. Brough. “It’s pretty much just us making it easier to read and research… and then eventually we’ll go through the process of actually updating bylaws as necessary.”