The West Tisbury planning board will seek public input on a prospective town short-term rental regulation, two years after forming a subcommittee to explore the issue.

At their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 17, the planning board reviewed a draft bylaw from the short-term rental committee which would limit residents to one short term rental property per person, with 12 weeks total allowed to be rented on a short-term basis.

The draft would also institute a minimum rental period of one week and require people who rent out properties to reside there for at least one month. 

After failing to come to a consensus on a draft bylaw last year, committee member Bea Phear said their mission was reinvigorated after reports from realtors “beginning to get calls from potential investors who wanted to buy investment property for rentals.”       

John Rau, another committee member, said the town had to institute a short-term rental bylaw for them to be allowed under current zoning. 

“Short term rentals like this are a commercial use,” he said. “Unless your bylaws say something permitting or prohibiting short term rentals…they are illegal. So, we’ve got to do something. We can’t just let things sit as they are.”

The planning board did not vote on the issue but agreed to hold a public meeting to gather input on the bylaw in November.