An earlier last call for Oak Bluffs alcohol establishments will go into effect as planned on Sunday, Oct. 1.

Businesses will be required to stop serving drinks by 12:30 a.m. and close by 1 a.m. — a 30-minute reduction from what was previously allotted in the town’s alcohol policy.

The change was approved in April by the town’s select board, which was concerned about nighttime unruliness and stress on the understaffed police department. The town's last call now matches neighboring Edgartown and officials hope it will stop people rushing from one town to the other to get one last drink.

When the earlier last call was discussed earlier this year, business owners pushed back on the idea. On Tuesday, the board reviewed the policy for a final time, giving attendees a chance to make their last remarks on the issue.

Despite several appeals from town residents and business owners to keep Oak Bluffs’ late-night liquor scene, the select board stayed firm in its decision.

“This’ll be anywhere from a 10 to 15 per cent hit for me and my staff and our entertainers,” said Larkin Stallings, owner of The Ritz Cafe. “It will disrupt what we’re able to do as far as private parties in the summer months… this will just be an extremely hard hit.”

Reynaldo Faust, owner of Fat Ronnie’s Burger Bar, argued that the change would cause a late-night dinner rush that could overwhelm his workers.

“We actually benefit from the bars closing a half-hour later, because people trickle out more slowly when they’re looking for something to eat and to sober up,” he said. “If you have us all close together, that really creates a problem, because then everyone slams into our place at one time and that causes conflict.”

Still, the police department remains understaffed, said select board member Jason Balboni, and closing the bars earlier is for the protection of public safety.

In other business, the select board approved a new package store at Notalot Farm Shop on Kennebec avenue. The store plans to sell beer and wine, as well as produce and grab-and-go meals.

However, several documents were missing from its application, and the business will require additional select board approval before fully opening to the public.

The select board also received a draft 13-article warrant for a special town meeting and it is currently reviewing the articles. The fall town meeting is scheduled for Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School Performing Arts Center.