Rain, fog and humidity is the story of the week. The ponds are filling and you know the saying: if the ponds are full, it is time for winter.

The big debate is, do we go by the meteorologist or by the Old Farmers’ Almanac? Only time will tell.

By the time this article is being read we are supposed to have some relief from the humidity, but by the time it happens we will be watching what Hurricane Lee is doing.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. No, I did not get to school to get the list this week. Let’s see what we can do this Wednesday.

More signs that it is fall: it is hurricane season; there are fewer children in the play area as they are probably at home doing homework; it is dark by seven p.m.; football season is back; dinner is late on weekends because people are fishing; fall colors are in at the nurseries as the mums show off their colors; acorns are falling and the squirrels are filling their cheeks with them and storing them for the winter; people are picking green tomatoes and starting to make relish and using the red ones for sauce; and the weigh-in station at derby headquarters is very busy with people of all ages and sizes weighing in their catches.

Maizey Mundt traveled with her Mimi, Patty Mundt, to Connecticut to celebrate the birthday of her cousins Bodie and Levi. She also got to see her big cousin Lina, and aunt and uncle Michelle and Ryan Mundt. They were in the standby line all day as their boat had broken down, so they were in standby on Saturday, but Maizey kept Mimi busy while they waited for their boat. But it was worth the wait to get to their cousins for time in the pool and bouncy house and to just hang out.

My street, like many, has been busy with renters coming and going. But these past few weeks the owners of the houses have been here enjoying the Island and some down time. Dana Vickey and her man friend Chris Hurley have been here enjoying the beach, looking at art and exploring different parts of the Island. They were just joined by Dana’s son Jack and his girlfriend Hannah. I had fun spending time with them and riding in Chris’s fabulous cars.

Chip and Christina Hall were here with their daughter Sabrina and son Dean. They had fun entertaining during Beach Road Weekend. Between them and Beau, their neighbor and friend in the back, they had 22 people coming in and out. We all met up for some social time and ended up enjoying short ribs that Dean made by following a recipe from the show The Bear. We decided he can cook for us anytime. It is nice seeing all the lights on in the neighborhood.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.