Chef Ting of Black Joy Food Love and Juli Vanderhoop of the Orange Peel Bakery have created a menu of dishes from brisket to kugel in anticipation of the Jewish High Holidays.

The special catering menu is available for Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 15, 16 and 17, and Yom Kippur on Sept. 24 and 25. Meals must be pre-ordered and can be picked up from 4 p.m. each day until an hour after sundown.

Though Chef Ting is best known for bringing food of the African diaspora to the Vineyard, her love of food is rooted in her Jewish background.

“I was raised in the Orthodox community,” she said. “So my initial food love was really from Jewish culture.”

Chef Ting and Ms. Vanderhoop met earlier this year through Black Joy Food Love’s BIPOC Chefs Collective, and soon after Chef Ting began apprenticing with Ms. Vanderhoop to learn about baking. Both women said they aim to uplift the community with their work, whether by exposing people to new food or combating food insecurity.

“My understanding of Juli’s impact on the Island is that she is always thinking about how to make sure that people are fed in a way that is community-oriented,” Chef Ting said. “So when I suggested this idea to her, it seemed like it aligned with her own food philosophy.”

Ms. Vanderhoop said collaborating with Chef Ting was an opportunity to broaden the story she tells with her food to include other stories, too.

“It just opened up a world of more food for so many more people to see that someone was providing something different in a food desert,” Ms. Vanderhoop said. “It always just seemed like the right thing to do.”

The menu for the holidays lists a variety of proteins and side dishes, plus apple honey cake for dessert and celebratory challah. Also available is a basket featuring assorted apples and two types of honey made by Ms. Vanderhoop.

This year’s holiday meals will not be kosher, Chef Ting said.

“Since this is our first time collaborating on something like this, and obviously Juli does not have a traditional kosher kitchen, the food will not be kosher,” Chef Ting said. “What we are looking at, though, is in the future, what does it mean for us to provide kosher meals?”

The chefs said they have already received numerous orders and will continue to take orders for Rosh Hashanah through Sept. 12, and for Yom Kippur through Sept. 18.

Orders can be placed online at or by sending a text message to Chef Ting at 240-481-8146.