The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank is tightening its pet policy after eight land bank goats were injured in recent dog attacks.

The land bank commission voted Monday to ban dogs from the portions of properties where the goat herd is grazing. The idea came at the recommendation of the herd manager Zachary Jessee. Signs on the prohibition will be posted at the land bank properties and information on where the goats are grazing will be on the land bank’s website and social media.

The ban on dogs comes after two unleashed dogs attacked the goats this summer.

According to a memo on the attacks from Mr. Jessee and land bank ecologist Julie Russell, neither of the dog owners contacted animal control officers or the land bank after the attacks. Both owners had to be tracked down to confirm the dogs had rabies shots.

The attacks occurred at Sweetened Water Preserve and Tisbury Meadow Preserve.

“I’m disgusted by the whole incident and my sympathies to the staff that had to deal with it,” said Wesley Mott, state representative on the land bank commission. “Many dog owners, I think, have the principle that ‘my dog is constantly under voice control.’ And we all know that’s a myth.”

All the wounded goats are recovering well, said Mr. Jessee. The land bank has about 150 goats that manage the vegetation on land bank properties.

Land bank executive director James Lengyel said the land bank will coordinate with town officials on enforcement if another attack occurs in the future.

“If we find actors who continue to defy the rules, then we go to the animal control officers and we say… ‘What power is given to you to handle someone who will not obey the rules?’” he said.