A 24-year-old man is facing several charges after he allegedly broke into the Edgartown Inn and started threatening employees.

Radu-George Radoi, of Romania, was arrested around 6:45 a.m. Sunday and has been charged with defacing property, resisting arrest, assault, threat to commit a crime and two counts of breaking and entering. He was arraigned Monday in Edgartown District Court, pleading not guilty to the charges.

Mr. Radoi damaged four cars, two doors, $2,000 worth of electronic equipment and other property at the inn and Faraway Hotel before officials confronted him, according to a report from Edgartown police.

In an interview with officers, Mr. Radoi said he had been intoxicated and passed out earlier that morning near the Town Restaurant, according to the report. He began to walk towards downtown around 3:30 a.m., entering a residence and sleeping there for a while before going back on the street. Then, he said he acquired a flagpole and began smashing windows and cars in the area, the report said.

In a follow-up investigation, a resident reported that Mr. Radoi had entered their home around 4 a.m. claiming to be a housekeeper, but had left the premises without incident. Several other residents reported witnessing him behaving unusually that day.

From there, Mr. Radoi said that he had entered the Edgartown Inn through the front door and made his way to the basement, where he began to destroy security and computer systems out of fear of artificial intelligence, according to the report.

He also admitted to stealing a cell phone and threatening the Edgartown Inn manager when she confronted him at the hotel.

The police report states that Mr. Radoi had been near a magnetic strip of kitchen knives during the altercation with the manager, leading her to fear for her safety. Another employee reported that Mr. Radoi seemed paranoid and mentally detached.

After some resistance, officers were able to subdue and handcuff Mr. Radoi and frisk him for weapons. He had not been able to secure a knife.

Upon arrest, officials determined that Mr. Radoi was mentally unwell and transported him to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for an involuntary mental health evaluation. He was held on bail following the arraignment.