The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank goats will be getting a brand-new shelter to supply the herd with some more shade.

The land bank commission this week approved a plan from herd manager Zachary Jessee to build a shaded structure of his own design.

The proposal comes after a meeting last month between land bank staff, the Agricultural Society and Island animal control officers on the wellbeing of the herd. The meeting was prompted by West Tisbury animal control officer Kate Hoffman’s concerns over the goats' access to water and shelter.

At Wednesday’s land bank commission meeting, Mr. Jessee pitched a portable awning with detachable sides, based on requirements of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The MSPCA works with the state to enforce animal welfare.

“It’s way more than we have right now,” said Mr. Jessee.

The new shelter, he said, is an improvement on the land bank’s portable trailer, which was previously used to shade the goats. The awning is more maneuverable and will allow the goats to resume grazing at remote properties that don’t have enough tree coverage to provide shade for the herd.

The land bank has been herding goats since 2013 in order to manage the vegetation on its properties. It has about 150 goats. 

Mr. Jessee said he has consulted with the MSPCA, which said the new shelter design would likely fulfill the society's requirements. The structure will cost around $10,000 and is expected to be covered by the existing goat herd budget.

Commissioners at the meeting were unanimously in favor of Mr. Jessee’s proposal.

“Whatever we can do to make the goats safe and protected…I’m totally supportive of that,” said Aquinnah commissioner Sarah Thulin.