Hospital officials are urging discretion after a renewed surge of Covid-19 infections on the Island.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital held a press conference Tuesday about the rising case numbers, which officials say mirror the wave seen statewide. The hospital has seen 43 patients with Covid in the past month, chief nursing operations officer Claire Seguin said, three of which have been hospitalized.

“We strongly urge for everyone who tests positive to quarantine at home and only visit the emergency department with severe symptoms,” Ms. Seguin said, citing the emergency department’s increased demand and limited capacity in the summers.

Ms. Seguin added that wearing masks and proper hygiene, such as regular handwashing, are still the best ways to reduce exposure.

Although there is no mask mandate, many hospital staff have opted to wear masks for the time being.

“All the things that applied before still apply,” Ms. Seguin said.

Hospital president and chief operating officer Denise Schepici also warned that the Island, like the rest of the country, is experiencing a shortage of Paxlovid, the antiviral medication used to treat more severe Covid-19 infections. Fortunately, Vineyard pharmacies received a new shipment of the drug yesterday, she said.

Although case numbers are relatively high, Ms. Schepici said that the number of infections remains low compared to previous waves, and symptoms have been milder compared to previous iterations of the Covid-19 virus.

To address a future surge, hospital officials are expecting an updated Covid-19 vaccine booster to become available to high-risk individuals in the fall.

In the meantime, Ms. Schepici recommended people use good judgment when it comes to attending large events and gatherings.

“People have been using their discretion all summer long,” Ms. Schepici said. “We say the same thing, which is to use your good discretion.”