The West Tisbury select board decided this week not to act on an alleged ethics violation by an affordable housing committee.

Jefrey DuBard, a member of the housing committee and the Island Housing Trust board, came under scrutiny last month for a potential conflict of interest when he voted on a trust housing project before the affordable housing committee.

At previous meetings with the select board, Mr. Dubard said he recused himself from votes and discussion on the project, however a review of minutes from previous committee meetings showed that he had voted on project details.

Since then, Mr. DuBard has decided to step down from the Island Housing Trust board in hopes of continuing to serve on the town board.

“Despite the intention to contribute to a productive housing committee and successful community project, I regret that I was not more mindful of the conflict,” he wrote in a letter to the select board.

The resignation did not convince everyone though, and select board member Cynthia Mitchell Wednesday called for Mr. DuBard to resign from the town’s affordable housing committee.

“I think it’s a lack of truthfulness which concerns me deeply,” said board member Cynthia Mitchell at Wednesday’s meeting. “I think the bridge was burned…I would urge us to ask Jefrey to resign.”

Mr. DuBard said he would not willingly resign from the committee, arguing that it would not “in any way serve the cause of housing insecurity.”

Select board members Jessica Miller and Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter both voted against Ms. Mitchell’s motion to remove Mr. DuBard. No action was taken on the potential conflict of interest.

“Clearly, Jefrey, you are committed to the affordable housing committee in a way that is important,” Ms. Miller said. “I don’t think there was intentional malintent.”