Chappaquiddick as a community is at a crossroads. Many aspects of life on Chappy have reached the point where people are saying something must be done. Whether it’s the irresponsible behavior of drivers on Chappy’s roads, the continuing debate regarding beach access, increasing the flow of traffic on the Chappy Ferry, giving walkers and kids on bicycles a safer way to travel by providing a bike path, or expanding parking at the ferry point. These and dozens of equally important issues are once again on the minds and lips of Chappaquiddickers as we pass the mid-point of summer.

The mechanism for addressing and solving the problems that Chappy faces is piecemeal. Town government boards, the Chappaquiddick Island Association, The Trustees of Reservations, the ferry steering committee — to name the most visible entities — all have the ability to contribute to pursuing discussion and resolution of Chappy’s growing pains.

The basic factor that makes progress on any of these issues seem insurmountable is that we are humans. Everyone has their own point of views, their own self-interests, their own fears, their own hopes.

One of the criticisms that I often hear regarding dealing with Chappy’s issues is that mere open discussion of solutions is deemed divisive and that the people bringing up the issue are causing trouble. Even the tiniest Chappy issue can be unnecessarily contentious.

The good news is that all of this is a result of the high level of awareness and concern of Chappy inhabitants in general. Such a small island, funneled (usually) through a single access point, with so many difficult issues and so little elbow room, is bound to cause people to have strong feelings. I concluded long ago that humans have the luxury and are entitled to have a narrow viewpoint. It’s one way of dealing with the overwhelming complications of human existence.

Among its citizens, Chappy has a wide range of life experiences, educations, trainings and abilities. Sometimes just defining a problem is half of the solution. The single-issue meetings proposed by the Chappy Island Association are a great opportunity to keep the conversation about Chappy’s future going.

Check the website calendar of the Chappy Community Center for lots of activities and events. The summer is only half over!

All are welcome to AA Big Book study at 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays at the community center. Call or text 508-274-1062 for questions or a ride from the ferry point.