Edgartown officials are asking people to keep an eye out for washed up fireworks on Chappaquiddick after a state bomb squad was called out to the Island Wednesday to deal with more than two dozen unexploded firework shells.

Twenty-five commercial grade fireworks were found on Chappaquiddick after the town’s Fourth of July fireworks display on Tuesday, according to the town. The public has been asked to call 911 if they find more so trained officials can dispose of them.

The state fire marshal’s office is investigating the washed up shells, but preliminary findings suggest they were improperly disposed of following the town’s show put on by Central Maine Pyrotechnics.

The fire marshal Thursday threatened to suspend the company’s ability to continue doing firework displays pending a hearing later this month.

The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad went to Chappaquiddick Wednesday to recover the washed up fireworks and later discharged them. All of the known shells have been cleared but it is possible more may have washed up.