Edgartown police received a walk-in complaint at the station Tuesday afternoon reporting a possible strawberry theft.

According to a police report of the incident, Lynne Daniels, whose family owns the Olde Town Gardens farmstand, located on Road to the Plains in Edgartown, reported that someone had entered her property, broken into her garden and picked roughly six quarts of strawberries on Saturday night. She had estimated the value of the strawberries picked to be about $300.

She added that the property is clearly marked with “No Trespassing” signs and that she was certain the berries had not been eaten by any roaming wildlife.

Ms. Daniels does not have a security camera and did not witness the events firsthand.

To fend off future illicit harvests, Ms. Daniels said she will strengthen defenses around the garden and consider installing a security camera system in the area.

The police have not taken any further action at this time.

Updated to correct name and ownership of Olde Town Gardens.