What a beautiful weekend we had for weather. The sun was shining, skies were blue, the nights were not too cold, there were great sunsets...something for everyone. I would like to say we have turned the corner for the warmer weather but we are in New England and you never know. But I might put my snow shovel away this week.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Amanda Da Costa and Cecilia Santos who celebrated May 29; Arielle De Assis, Evelyn Lavigne, James LeBlond and Aidan Ryan, who all celebrated May 31; and to Filipe Filho, who celebrated his day June 1.

It was great to see my neighbors’ lights on this week. Chip and Christina Hall and their daughter Sabrina are here. Also joining them are Chip’s parents, Tim Hall and Marcy Crary, Chip’s sister Mary Lauran and her daughter Hazel.

Special birthday wishes goes out to Joan Connelly who celebrated her 93rd birthday on May 23. Her daughter Sarah ascribes Joan’s graceful aging to having a loving family, staying active — she played tennis up until she was 91 — entertaining her friends and maintaining her beautiful gardens. Happy birthday, Joan, and here is to many more.

While I was with my niece Tina and Floyd Norton one Friday night, we started to talk about the town and its changes over the years. Floyd’s family home was where The Anchors is now. He told us how when he was a young boy, he would go to the house of his grandfather William Norton, who lived on North Water street. Floyd would get into his little skiff and row along the beach, go under the bridge at the lighthouse — yes, the Edgartown Lighthouse — and row to Eel Pond to go clamming. He would row back to the Edgartown dock to Eldridge’s Fish Market and sell his clams to John Correia who was the manager.

Tina and I had a great dinner with Floyd. We could listen to him tell his stories all night and we encouraged him to write down more of those memories.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.