The Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse hosts the Irish Repertory Theatre production of The Smuggler by Ronán Noone, beginning this weekend and running through June 3.

The one-man play stars Michael Mellamphy, who plays an Irish bartender living in a coastal town in New England. The award-winning play is not the first of Mr. Noone’s to be performed on the Vineyard. His plays The Second Girl and The Blowin’ of Baile Gall were directed by playhouse artistic and executive director MJ Bruder Munafo in the 2016 and 2006 seasons.

The season continues with Mona Mansour’s We Swim, We Talk, We Go to War (June 30 to July 15), Deborah L. Plummer’s To My White Friends Who Know Me (July 19 to July 22) and To Fall in Love, by Jennifer Lane (July 26 to August 5), and Outcasts, The Lepers of Penikese Island (August 11 to 26).

This year’s Shakespeare play at the Tisbury Amphitheatre is Twelfth Night (July 12-August 5), directed by playhouse staffer Katherine Reid, who is setting the Elizabethan rom-com in a New England fishing village.

Also at the amphitheatre, on June 23 and June 24, the playhouse presents playwright Allison Snyder’s “theatrical reimagining” of The Campaign That Failed, Mark Twain’s tale of his two weeks as a Civil War soldier.

The Fabulists theatre for children, held on Saturday mornings at the Tisbury Amphitheatre, begins in July.

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