After construction shuttered its doors in January 2022, the Newes From America pub in Edgartown is set to reopen later this month.

The pub, which has long operated within the former Kelley House hotel, now known as Faraway MV, is scheduled to open May 24 while renovations at the historic hotel’s continue.

At its meeting Monday, the Edgartown select board approved the restaurant’s liquor license provided that the building inspector signs off on its reopening while the rest of the building remains under construction. The restaurant still needs to pass its fire inspection and board of health inspection.

“[I] look forward to going back to the Newes,” said select board member Arthur Smadbeck.
In other business, the select board approved a new ice cream boat run by Edgartown summer resident and 22-year-old recent college graduate Hunter Healy. The boat will run through the summer, selling ice cream in the Edgartown mooring fields, Cape Pogue Bay, and the waters off State Beach.

In his application for a commercial marine license, Mr. Healy cited his experience as a longtime summer visitor as a reason he could be trusted with the weighty responsibility, as well as his services as a “Fish-sitter,” for local families, taking young kids fishing while providing babysitting services.

“I’m looking to sell some ice cream, make some kids happy, make some families happy,” he said at the select board meeting.

Select board member Mike Donaroma questioned whether Mr. Healy would need to receive separate permission from the state to sell ice cream on State Beach.

“It’s in the water, Mike,” Mr. Smadbeck replied.

Mr. Healy added that he plans to store his dairy wares in his parent’s home in Edgartown when he’s not at sea on his 16-foot boat.

Select board member Margaret Serpa moved to approve the new business’s commercial marine license provided that it passes inspection from the board of health.

“Good luck with the new business,” Mr. Smadbeck said.