The Edgartown selectmen voted this week to accept a conservation restriction that will be placed on 164 acres of land held by the Kohlberg family on the south shore in Edgartown spanning shoreline, floodplain, forest and agricultural land. The restriction will be held by the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation.

It includes 8 Job’s Neck Cove Road, 20 Job’s Neck Cove Road, 30 Short Point Road and along South Beach. According to Edgartown assessor records, the 8 Job’s Neck, the Short Point and the South Beach properties are assessed at about $15 million combined. The property at 20 Job’s Neck Cove was not in the assessors’ database.

State law requires the selectmen and conservation commission to approve conservation restrictions, which protect land from future development. The Kohlbergs will continue to own the property, with Sheriff’s Meadow as the steward.

Appearing before the selectmen at their meeting Monday, Tory Fletcher of Ariadne Environmental Consulting represented the Kohlberg family.

“It’s a spectacular piece of property,” she said.

Although the property is not open to the public, Sheriff’s Meadow executive director Adam Moore said similar restrictions often lead to some kind of public access in the future.

The vote to accept the restriction was unanimous.