At a meeting on Wednesday, the West Tisbury select board decided against disciplinary action on an ethics violation by three town employees on the financial management team, an advisory body to the select board.

Jen Rand, Kathy Logue and Bruce Stone, the town administrator, treasurer and accountant, failed to file conflict of interest forms before voting on a budget request from the personnel board in February.

The group voted to recommend to the select board that an article for wage increases, along with an article to fund an accessory dwelling unit program, be subject to an override, and included a provision in the vote that sought to rescind the recommendation if the ethics board considered it to be a violation.

Select board member Skipper Manter raised the issue on Wednesday. He attended the team’s meeting when the recommendation was made and said the vote made him “extremely uncomfortable.”

“I just think they should’ve known better,” said Mr. Manter, who otherwise praised the high quality work done by the financial team.

Ms. Rand noted that the group was under a time crunch to get their recommendation in, and that she believed their later filing of the conflict-of-interest violation and their provision to rescind fixed the violation. She added that the team was unsure at the time if there was a conflict, believing they were voting against their own interests.

“This was not a willful violation,” she said.

The board took no action on the issue.

In other business, the board approved Ms. Rand’s request to transfer $12,000 from the town’s reserve fund to the legal fund, pending approval from the finance committee. They also voted to appoint Gary Montrowl as election constable.