Here we are in the first week of spring. The weather has not significantly changed from the non-winter we experienced. What has changed, however, is the light. I’m not talking about stupid “daylight saving” time but rather the actual position of the sun. The first morning light now comes into a more northernly-situated window. The midday heat-up is different.

The greenhouse is downright balmy by 1 p.m. It’s very nice to remove some outer layers while working in there.

I seeded an entire package of De Cicco broccoli. Oops! I confess there are hundreds of seedlings. While separating them, I got real and admitted there is no way I can eat that much broccoli in my rapidly-shortening lifespan. That, however, did not stop me. I separated them anyway and came up with a plan. I’m going to plant them all in a mass and cut them as greens, saving a few to later form some heads.

I like De Cicco as a variety: it produces side shoots well into summer. Then, if I cut back, it will regrow into late fall.

FYI: don’t wait for it to get as large as “store bought.” It tends to go to flower while you are waiting. The key to home gardening is to pick small and often.

By now you should know me. I’m loathe to waste food.

Last summer, my crop of shelling peas got away from me. I ate and froze quite a lot but then had some overripe, too-large but not yet compost. I shelled them and dried them in the oven on pilot light.

I got a couple glass jars of them. This week I soaked them overnight and now have them bubbling along in some pork stock. I may hit them with the hand-held blender for my version of split pea soup.

I love that it’s almost April and I am still enjoying last year’s garden.

I noticed that the Larsen daffodils at Beetlebung Corner are starting to bloom. Danny said his mother planted them in the 1950s. Thanks, Mary: they are enjoyed by all!

I personally have a major resentment about my own daffodils. I’ve lived on the property for a half-century and have planted countless bushels of them and have four or five sorry clumps to show for it. This is baffling since they are immune to deer damage. I give them Bulb-Tone, don’t plant on top of them and otherwise treat them with the utmost respect.

The only reason I can possibly think is perhaps rodents eat them. Oddly, I have boatloads of all the other types of spring bulbs.

Good thing there are so many everywhere else to admire.

Between the Fox News/Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit and the many possible looming indictments of the former guy, I wish I could go to law school. I’ve always been a big fan of courtroom drama, going back to the Perry Mason television show.

I heard a rumor that people over 65 can go to Harvard Law for free. Wouldn’t that be a fun change of life?

The media has done its very best to confuse us consumers. They keep telling us that no one is above the law but I seriously wonder about that. I also wonder if Trump is indeed ever indicted, will he be tried as an adult?