Vineyard Steamship Authority governor James Malkin was reappointed to a second three-year term by the Dukes County Commission Wednesday.

Mr. Malkin was the unanimous pick for the commission. Two other candidates had applied for the position: former Aquinnah assessor Angela Cywinski and retired casino executive Marc Crisafulli.

Mr. Malkin, who is also a Chilmark selectman, told the commission in an interview last month that he felt he had a strong background in the authority operations and wanted to fix the Steamship’s information technology problems that have plagued the ferry line in the past.

County commissioner Tristan Israel said he appreciated Mr. Malkin’s efforts in his first three years and wanted the board of governors to look at a long-term strategy for electrifying the ferry service’s vessels.

The commission also reappointed Bob Zeltzer, Jack Ensor and Geoffrey Wheeler to the airport commission.