Responding to complaints last year, the owners of Back Door Donuts have cooked up new plans to make things a little sweeter for the neighbors this season.

The iconic Oak Bluffs doughnut shop that commands long lines into the night hours has come under fire from nearby residents, who have complained about the growing din in the summer months when hundreds of patrons line up for the first warm fritters and doughnuts to come out of the bakery’s fryer.

Owner Patrick Lyons told the Oak Bluffs selectmen Tuesday that changes are planned this year in response to the complaints. Mr. Lyons said people will order at the back door as ususal — where the shop draws its name — but pick up at the front door in Healey Square. The change will happen only on peak busy days, Mr. Lyons said.

The business also plans to introduce online ordering in an attempt to cut down on the number of people waiting outside. A former town police officer has been added to the staff to help with security as well.

“I think that’s going to have a seismic impact on the business,” Mr. Lyons told the board. “If we don’t do what we are saying, we should be reprimanded.”

Mr. Lyons, who owns restaurants in Boston and is seeking to open a taqueria in Tisbury, bought the bakery in 2018 with two business partners.

Last summer, the town heard complaints from neighbor Lynn Vera about the lines and disruptions in the wee hours.

“Before there was social media and before it became TripAdvisor’s number one thing to do on Martha’s Vineyard, there might have been 45 people,” Ms. Vera said Tuesday. “Now there are limos and wedding parties arriving at midnight.”

Select board member Gail Barmakian agreed things got out of hand at times.

“I’ve seen it and it can get out of control,” Ms. Barmakian said. “I didn’t think there was good management.”

Mr. Lyons, who brought several staff members to the meeting, acknowledged that the business struggled in the past because they had a hard time finding people to monitor the line. The business is expected to go before the town for a new license later this month, and he vowed to do a better job this year.

“We think we are going to be a better neighbor,” Mr. Lyons said.