A dispute over events held at the Vineyard Preservation Trust’s Grange Hall was put to bed Thursday when the West Tisbury zoning board of appeals granted a special permit to the nonprofit.

The board voted 4-1 in favor of approving the permit, allowing the trust to continue holding events as planned.

Town officials had previously raised concerns over the frequency of events held at the hall, saying the addition of regular events from Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival last summer was an expansion of the trust’s use of the property and required a special permit. The trust disagreed and filed a lawsuit against the board in October.

After the zoning board of appeals decision this week, trust executive director Nevette Previd said the organization plans to dismiss the suit, following the obligatory appeals process following a special permit approval.

“We were pleased to work with the town, and we were pleased with how it went,” she said.

The Vineyard Preservation Trust purchased the Grange Hall, the former headquarters of the Agricultural Society, from the town in 1997. In the deed, they were granted the ability to conduct certain events. The trust contended its event lineup was allowed by that deed.

“We are not admitting that we need a special permit,” said trust attorney Rob McCarron, at a previous hearing last week.

At that meeting, zoning board members emphasized the need to hear testimony about community impact of the trust’s event lineup. Such testimony was largely positive.

“We’ve never had any issues as long as the Vineyard Preservation Trust has owned the building,” said Grange abutter Susan Wasserman. “They’ve been great neighbors and we need these events for the benefit of our town.”

Several other residents who live near the hall spoke in favor of the trust, though a few raised concerns about increased light and noise.

This Thursday, Ms. Previd returned to the zoning board of appeals with a three-page document outlining the trust’s policy for minimizing the impact of events held at the Grange, including plans to mitigate parking issues and coordinate with other town bodies about event timing.

The board voted to include the language of those trust policies as a conditions for allowing events at the hall.