The Steamship Authority’s Woods Hole terminal is well on its way to a higher, drier plane.

To comply with flood-zone building codes, contractors are raising the site from about 4.5 feet above sea level, measured at the end of the parking lot beneath the Crane street bridge, to about 9.5 feet, boat line general manager Robert Davis said at Tuesday’s meeting of the SSA board of governors.

While the temporary ticket building remains in place, the stairs and plaza in front of it will soon be dismantled and the ground raised by about four feet, Mr. Davis said.

A ramp system is being built to get travelers and boat line employees into and out of the temporary building, Mr. Davis said.

Opened in late 2017, the temporary ticket office is not eligible for a permanent building permit, SSA officials have said. It is slated for replacement at the end of the multi-year terminal reconstruction, which could extend into 2025.

Early designs for a two-story permanent ticket building were roundly criticized by residents on both sides of the Sound, sending the architects from back to their drafting boards.

Revamped as a single-story building with an auxiliary structure nearby, the ticket office was 90 per cent designed as of February, 2022, architects said at a meeting that month.

The design features elongated windows with wide views and the exterior will be a custom granite intended to resemble historic local granite seen in older Falmouth buildings.