One of my favorite Island groups is the Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard. All over the world, Jan. 25 — the birthday of the poet Robert Burns — is celebrated with a Robbie Burns birthday dinner. Ours will be held this Saturday night at the Baylies Room of the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown. It is always a great show. Scottish music, bagpiping, dancing, and men in skirts. You do not have to be a Scot to attend the dinner; a love of Burns poetry and appreciation of all things Scottish are the requirements. This Gardella gets in every year. I’ll see you there.

The missing cat Cali in West Chop turned herself in a few days after Mom posted flyers and reported her gone. Good news! Cali is now grounded.

For the second year in a row the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce is holding its Island Book cover contest. Get your kids working on this and submit their art work.

Continuing with the arts, Louisa Gould’s Main street gallery has extended its small works art sale. Louisa will package and ship for you. I have seen her exhibits. They are outstanding. Great for gifts.

I think we saw the sun on two days in two weeks. Enough! Cabin fever is real.

Jane Hawkes is doing much better. So is Carolyn Walters. I am sure your help with good wishes and prayers have worked.

Frank Daly passed away in December. I so enjoyed this man. He adored his four daughters and always spoke enthusiastically of them and their accomplishments. We shall miss him.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along my grandson Dominic Leigh Clark, Aja Stamp, Brenda Tucker and Sheila Buckley on Jan. 10. Christopher Orlowski celebrated on Jan. 15. Marybeth Roden claimed Jan. 16. Beckett Weurth turned one on Jan. 17. And Jesse Weiner takes the cake on Jan. 18. Many happy returns.