Xi Yu, proprietor of Mikado in Vineyard Haven, aired plans for a new restaurant location in Oak Bluffs, receiving partial approval from the town select board to serve food and alcohol at the former location of the Cardboard Box on Circuit avenue.

“When we first got to the Island, Oak Bluffs was our first town we were looking at opening a business,” said Mr. Yu, who opened the Vineyard Haven location in 2017. “Now that I have the chance to open one, I’m here.”

Mr. Yu said he plans to be open year-round, and wanted the location to also host an after-dinner bar scene. The latter proposal was a cause of concern for some board members at its Jan. 10 meeting.

“I somewhat have a problem with that. I don’t think our intent is to have a nightclub on Circuit avenue,” said select board chair Ryan Ruley, noting that the town had received more than 50 police calls in a several month period when The Cardboard Box ran a similar operation last year. “I dont want to hold the former business against the new applicant...but I’m not so comfortable approving it right now.”

The board approved Mr. Yu’s alcohol license, but asked that he consult with the police chief to develop a more complete plan for safe bar operations.

“I’m looking forward to having you here, but it’s a very different thing in Oak Bluffs,” said board member Gail Barmakian.

In other business, the board took steps to prepare a warrant for town meeting that would ban the sale of nips (alcohol in containers of less than 100 ml).

“This has nothing to do with alcohol, this simply has to do with litter,” said Brian Packish, explaining that he asked the item to be put on the agenda following the recent announcement that Nantucket had passed a similar ban.

“This has been a longstanding conversation in the town...we’ve tried everything else,” he said.

Several members of the public in attendance at the meeting spoke strongly in favor of the measure.

Town administrator Deborah Potter said she would begin working on the article, and would reach out to the other towns as well, per Ms. Barmakian’s request, in hopes of not putting the sole burden on liquor stores in Oak Bluffs.  

The board also passed an interim town internet policy, despite objections from Ms. Barmakian and Oak Bluffs library director Allyson Malik. The policy aims to formalize the proceedure for the town to shut down internet in town buildings in the event that illegal activity is detected, drawing some concerns about the independence of library resources.

The policy passed three-to-one, with one board member absent, and Ms. Barmakian the lone nay vote.

The board also announced that building inspector Tom Perry would be leaving for a new job in Mashpee.

“Tom Perry has been a fabulous asset to the town,” said Ms. Potter, noting that he had offered to make himself available in the future should a need present itself.