’Twas Christmas Eve and Santa Claus was readying for his trip
Around the world by reindeer sleigh — not elegant cruise ship
He had spots to stop in many lands where people like to wait
To see what gifts he has to give that do not come as freight
In UPS or Fedex trucks that race on country roads
Filled up with gifts that seem to be impersonal loads
Deposited on doorsteps by drivers hurrying on
To leave another package bought on line from Amazon.

St. Nicholas is sure to know what gifts belong to whom —
Who needs a model wristwatch and who a simple broom.
He comes, of course, from the North Pole and revels in the snow
Both in the air and when it lands so prettily below.
He’d made his stops in Europe and come across the sea
And landed in America, a fine place to be.
He left some gifts in Boston; then the Vineyard came in view
And the reindeer were just ready to have some grass to chew.

St. Nick looked down to find a place to land the reindeers’ sleigh —
A place where there would also be a quantity of hay
Or grass for them to munch on while he dug into his pack
For gifts for Vineyard dwellers — perhaps some bric-a-brac.
In Edgartown the streetlights were festive as could be
And candles set in windows were pretty things to see.
In Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs lights brightened greenery;
In Vineyard Haven storefronts were gaily festooned, too;
West Tisbury and Chilmark had cheerful lights to view.
Menemsha had its lobster pots piled high and brightly lit
By Marshall Carroll of Chilmark who always does his bit.
Aquinnah’s lights were delicate and many of them white
And then there was the lighthouse with beams that shine so bright.

St. Nick flew by the airport, but the reindeer took great care
To make sure there were no airplanes nearby up in the air.
St. Nick had heard of course, of the Venezuelans who
Transported to the Vineyard had no sense of what to do
’Til Harbor Homes and churches provided room and board
And surely both, St. Nicholas thought, should get a good reward.
For Lisa Belcastro who so quickly had helped out,
Was a bouquet of roses, for, without a doubt
She’d helped to aid the migrants who’d arrived on Island land
And organized the good folk who gave a friendly hand.
But there were far too many to get that problem solved.

St. Nick tried to think what he should give to all of those involved
But the deer were getting hungry and ‘twas time to stop their flight
And down below in Tisbury, Vets Park then came in sight.
A baseball field was tempting for it surely would have grass
And possibly some hay as well and maybe sassafras,
No fancy decorations, but good things that deer could eat
Not near a major Island road, but on a quiet street.
So soon the deer had landed and St. Nick was digging in.
He’d found a book he wanted for that Ticerman named Fin
And a fig tree for Deb Radcliffe and socks for Ewing, Ray.
For Fred Fisher was a version of the one-horse open sleigh
For holiday excursions around West Tisbury town;
An AED apparatus for Dr. Aliya Browne.

Mike Haydn got a Bach score — an original, of course.
For Mary Waller Gatchell there was a riding horse.
Joan Merry got a carton of the very freshest eggs
And Marjorie Peirce a box of freshly ground nutmegs.
For Sally Hamilton a book that she will surely like.
Young Kent Healy got a siren to put on his motorbike.
For the Steamship Authority there were huzzahs
as their quality donuts get hurrahs.
For Steve Dourian of Chilmark there was gas for his new boat
And then for Caroline Thornton was a warm alpaca coat
For photography on cold days to keep shivers far away.
For Connie Steverwald the same for every chilly day.

Brad Woodger out on Chappy got a golf ball made of gold;
Chip Young a vase of Sandwich glass that surely is quite old.
Joyce Albertine, who likes the sun, had an Aruba ticket
And Cathlin Baker found she had some very new church pickets.
Then Carmen Wilson got wind chimes to keep woodpeckers off
And trekking shoes were in the pack for Chilmark’s Pamela Goff.
Sam Alley got a box of tasty Salt Rock candy —
A piece of chocolate to munch will always come in handy.
Then Gabriella Hovorato had earrings as a gift
And for her sister, Ana, so she won’t be miffed,
There was a silver locket — as pretty as can be
And then there was a donkey to please Fan Ogilvie.

Pat Mitchell got a set of tools — all of the Stanley make,
While Gus Ben David got, of course, another slithering snake.
And then for Richie Combra there were pretty roses red
And Margery Potts received some yeast to make her bread.
A year’s worth. St. Nick thought, would surely come in handy.
The bread she bakes so often is really very dandy;
Diane Durawa got to keep a Beatles old recording
So she can wake up hearing it on every single morning.
For Molo Olsen, St. Nick had a pretty catnip toy
And then there was for Paddy Moore a big bottle of Joy.

Russell DeBettencourt for his beloved Corvair
Got a new roof that, surely, will keep out of it all air.
Joe Haertel got a pass to all Film Center showings
And Becky Sanders got manure to help with all things growing.
Elizabeth Bennett got a new pup, and Dana Nahbargot hay;
Whit Griswold got a giant rake that oysters surely can’t escape.
Anne Vanderhoop got a mince pie she doesn’t have to bake.
For Mitzi Pratt in Santa’s pack, were seeds she’s sure to like.
For Holly Baptiste, Santa had a shiny Peloton bike.

Cristina Hook got oysters that she could surely fry —
Delicious they are sure to be when eaten by and by
For they had come directly out of our Katama Bay.
And next there came from Santa’s sack, warm socks for Emily Day.
For Woody Vanderhoop, of course, there was a Celtics cap
While Ryan Malonson got for his gift — a pretty tabby cat.
For Juli Vanderhoop there was a gingerbread man.
And then there was from Santa, for that Hart whose name is Sam
A gift certificate for a pool — indoors so all can swim
So Harts can swim in winter even when it’s very grim —
When snow is falling outside, they’ll be indoors having fun
Unless they’ve headed northward in search of a ski run.

St. Nick found next a ribbon for Evie Kreyling’s locks
And then for Wendy Gimbel there was another ox.
St. Nick dug deep inside his pack after a special gift
A season pass Tom Thatcher got so he can ride The Lift.
Then next for Ginny Jones was found a replica old plate —
One that, St. Nick believes, may well authenticate
The broken one she treasured with a falconer painted on it.
The falconer, a woman, appeared to wear a bonnet,
While Michelle Jasny who has the knack
got poker cards from Santa’s sack.
Then for Sophie D’Antori was a pretty party dress
And a bouquet of lilacs for Bramhall, Tess.

St. Nick stopped giving presents to look around and see
If his reindeer were as happy as his reindeer ought to be.
He saw that they were grazing, so back to work he went
And next he found a teapot that from England had been sent
For Debbie Rolston who collects them, so that was handed out
And next for Charlie Shipway was a new rudder for his boat.
And then there was for Dr. Tsai, to graze his grass, a goat.
A welcome mat for Heather Quinn came next from Santa’s sack;
Sam Fetters’ ticket to China was also in his pack.
Chef Deon got a ribbon blue for tasty Key Lime pie;
It is the best, his customers say, that any cash can buy.

Steve Durkee got a new horse in miniature
to keep his soul brave and pure.
For Janice Manter was a trip to a Rhode Island casino
Where slot machines do better than a night of playing Bingo.
There were Florida tickets for Jenny Kent
for traveling is her favorite bent
Then Harrison Lazarus got a boxing glove
For sparring is sport he loves.
David DeBettencourt got more chickens
He really likes them like the dickens.
Cynthia Riggs likes chickens too
So she gets more than just a few.
For Lisa Shanor for her pet skunks
Was peanut butter filled with chunks.

Katrina Araujo got a cash register, new
And for Jane Slater there were muffins blue
From the berries in them that she likes so well
If they’re Black Dog muffins she can always tell.
And Roberta Morgan got pretty jelly jars
While Oliver Goeckel got some toy cars.
Then Susie Pacheco had art supplies
While Ann Osmundsen got pies.
For Donna Duquette was an English trip
By air or by sea if she’d like a ship.
Then Jordan Ronson got treats for Biff.
While Tillie Taylor got her own skiff.
Emma Green-Beach got knitting yarn
And Simon Athearn got a new barn.

Wayne Barrett got tickets to a Patriots game
To miss out on that would be a dreadful shame.
For Kitty Murphy there were more good books
To fill each corner in her house and all its nooks.
Then Eric Alexander got a new football
That is great to play with in spring, summer and in fall
Noah Asimow got a first-class mower
While for Susan Block there was a good snow blower.
Juliet Mulinare got boots of leather
Just as light as a feather.
A giant Red Stocking was in St. Nick’s sack
For Susan Wallo who always is on track.

For Jason Mazar-Kelly was a new yoga mat
To stay limber as a cat.
Harrison Jackson got boxing gloves
And Edie Blake a pair of doves;
Annabelle Rossi got a kitten
And for Dale Ferry were warm mittens.
Joe Keenan got a pretzel baker
(With it, of course, came a salt shaker.)
Then a cello record was in St. Nick’s sack
For West Tisbury’s Ann Fielder with music by Bach.
Next, for Andrea Donnelly were Cronig’s Market keys.
She soon will begin using them with the greatest ease.
Steve Bernier now will have to learn what fun it is to rest
After his years of giving the store his very best.

By then night was coming and St. Nick was weary
Although he kept sounding so very cheery.
The deer were through eating; ‘twas time for the sleigh
To take to the skies-up, up and away.
And St. Nick looked down at the vessels below —
At Steamship Auhority boats on the go,
And he said to the reindeer as off they did fly
How much faster deer go as they flew through the sky.