Following a review of the 2019 feasibility study to renovate Edgartown’s historic fire station, a town building committee has proposed replacing the aging structure with a new public safety building that would also include the neighboring police station.

Edgartown fire chief Alex Schaeffer floated the idea to the Edgartown select board on Monday, noting that the study also encompassed the police station and recommended that the existing fire station be demolished for more flexibility with the new structure. The stations are currently separate, adjacent buildings, located on the same campus at the corner of Pease Point Way and High street. 

“We decided to explore what that facility would look like as a joint venture with police and fire,” chief Schaeffer said. “[And] how would that building better support the community as a public safety building.”

Select board members were wary of consolidating the two buildings, mainly out of concern for aesthetics.

“I don’t see most residents of Edgartown liking the looks of this,” selectman Mike Donaroma said. “I think it’s going scare everybody. I don’t think it’s gonna fly.”

Chairman Margaret Serpa and selectman Arthur Smadbeck agreed, arguing that two separate buildings were more in line with the character of the town.

Edgartown resident Paulo DeOliveira expressed support for the option and its potential economic benefits, saving the cost of two separate projects and combining utilities for the new station.

“If we’re going to do this big project why not just do it once instead of twice?” he said. “I wouldn’t dismiss the idea right away.”

The committee is still in a brainstorming period, with no concrete plans or decisions laid out yet. Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee said that while the police station is not in need of immediate repair, it may be advantageous to combine the two projects, potentially with two largely separate buildings unified by a common space. The town will continue discussion in a future select board meeting.

In other business, the National Hockey League will visit the Island on Thursday to film a short video about hockey on the Vineyard. The Edgartown select board approved their filming permit provided the crew stay away from public ways and sidewalks.

Kate Putnam has also been reappointed to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, and Mr. Smadbeck will replace Margaret Serpa on the Affordable Housing Trust. Mr. Smadbeck accepted his nomination by pointing out that the Community Preservation Committee, which Ms. Serpa still serves on, has nearly $1,000,000 in funds, up to 70 per cent of which could potentially be earmarked for affordable housing.

“When I get up there, I will probably be asking you, Margaret, for some money,” Mr. Smadbeck said. “So be nice!”