The Dukes County Commission Wednesday voted to forward a proposed legislative change to the statehouse that would allow the commission to appoint a treasurer who does not reside in the county, as the board continues to struggle to find a replacement for former county treasurer Ann Metcalf, who resigned earlier this year.

The board met specifically to approve the legislation, which will be sent to state Rep. Dylan Fernandes.

An elected position within the county, the county treasurer serves a term of six years. Since Ms. Metcalf’s resignation, longtime former Tisbury town treasurer Tim McLean has performed the duties of county treasurer on an interim basis.

Until the 2023 election in November, the position will remain appointed, as the county commission scours for a qualified candidate willing to face an election next year.

With little discussion, the commission voted unanimously to approve the legislation, hoping to broaden their search for a more permanent county treasurer ahead of next year’s election.

Separately, the commission continues to pursue legislation that would change the county treasurer from an elected to appointed position, after a similar change was shot down by voters in 2021.

“We are still pursuing the appointed treasurer [legislation] and that’s really separate from this,” county commissioner Tristan Israel said.