The Oak Bluffs select board Tuesday took steps to mitigate jaywalking downtown, approved rate hikes for building inspection fees and discussed the makeup of its high school building committee to manage the school’s planned renovation project.

In an effort to curtail jaywalking near the intersection of Circuit avenue by the information kiosk, the select board agreed to add planters to the small island across from the booth. Board member Ryan Ruley said that during a recent site visit, he and other town officials discussed possibilities for the space, including swapping out the existing brick for plants.

“My concern would be people just walking over the planter, honestly,” said board member Jason Balboni.

After some discussion, the board decided to have highway superintendent Richie Combra place additional planters matching the two existing whiskey barrels along the island to discourage pedestrians from jutting across to the information booth instead of taking the crosswalk. The board will reassess the need for broader changes based on the success of the new planters.

Additionally, Mr. Ruley said work will begin in the coming weeks to repave that portion of road at the intersection after it has warped over time.

The select board Tuesday also approved rate changes for utility inspections on commercial properties following a presentation by building inspector Matt Rossi. Rates for inspection will jump from $60 to $75, which Mr. Rossi said is consistent with the rest of the Island.

“We’re just trying to fall in line with the other towns,” he said.

Also Tuesday, the board discussed the potention makeup of its school building committee, calling for the school district to appoint an additional member to represent Oak Bluffs during the upcoming renovation of the Martha’s Vineyard High School. The regional school committee is slated to approve members for the committee at a meeting Thursday.

High school special projects coordinator Sam Hart addressed the board, asking for nominations for the committee. Select board member Emma Green-Beach, town administrator Deborah Potter and finance committee member Dion Alley each expressed their interest in joining the new committee.

Members of the select board argued that each of the three should be appointed to the committee, despite all other Island towns only nominating two members. Board member Gail Barmakian said the extra member is warranted in part because the high school is located in Oak Bluffs.

“There should be a high presence of Oak Bluffs in the planning of this building,” Ms. Barmakian said, to the agreement of the rest of the board.

“Oak Bluffs should be given some deference,” board member Brian Packish added.

Mr. Hart emphasized that appointments to the committee are ultimately up to the regional school committee, but the school is working to build a diverse committee for the project.