It doesn’t matter what their ages are but when kids wander back to the nest for a visit, parents are happy.

Ben Sinnett has made not only himself but his mom Emily Bramhall and Sam Fleming happy. Ben has made Colorado home for a number of years but when he’s in town he blends right back in like he never left. Also thrilled with his presence are countless friends and family members, including his sister Ty.

It’s been a while since siblings Lauren and Ross have been in town but they, along with their four collective little humans and their partners, are here. Parents Scott McDowell and Shakti Reynolds, along with Annette Cingle, Annalee Hoy and many friends and family, are thrilled with their presence.

Ross and Sophia Guymer traveled from southern California with their cute kiddos Reno and Jackson.

Lauren and Louis Santos traveled from the island of Oahu with their two delightful little humans, Colton and Cameron. The little cousins and their collective people strolled the dock, checked out lobsters, frolicked at the beach and had countless cuddles from their grandparents. It’s the simple things in life that generate the best of memories.

1961 had some noteworthy moments in history. The Bay of Pigs invasion and attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro took place. John Kennedy became the thirty-fifth president. Alan Shepard was launched into space on Freedom 7. The Peace Corps was established. A dozen eggs sold for about thirty cents per dozen. West Side Story, The Parent Trap, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Guns of Navarone — to name a few — were popular films while Bonanza, Candid Camera and My Three Sons were popular on television, just to name a few.

I could go on and on while strolling through days and years gone by. But now, sixty-one years later, Judy and Ted Mayhew celebrate their anniversary.

Michael Broderick and Mary McConneloug are out hitting the trails. This time they are in Vermont for the Trans New England Enduro. They’ve met some really cool people, breathed in some northern New England autumn air and cycled across perfectly-packed dirt. The way they keep their wheels spinning is pretty amazing.

Hurricane Fiona brought in some decent surf by New England standards. The lot at Squibnocket was pretty crowded and the boards were stacked, on occasion, a little too close for comfort.

But if you could get some space away from the crowd, the swell had intervals of fifteen to twenty seconds that provided, as my teen described, an “epic” ride. One of the highlights for Brooks and his buddy Tegan Fenner was watching the seasoned surfers including Calder Martin, Dan Broderick and Alex Karalekas catch a ride under the pink sun-setting sky.

A full day on the water made way for a quality night of sleep.