The other day I was at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. As I waited in the lobby, I read the names of the folks who contributed to the construction of the new building that I had the privilege of standing in.

Some folks gave huge amounts while others gave modest amounts. I enjoyed recognizing a lot of the names — either as friends, public figures or as celebrities. I doubt that the purpose of their donations was to get their names memorialized, yet it’s a nice touch. It reminds us that we can work together as a community, giving what we can spare, to make something much, much, larger than our individual selves.

On the Chappy Community Center website, there is a list of folks who have donated to the 2022 Endowment Fund. It’s a nice touch. There are 50 or so names at this time. I especially like that those names are of Chappaquiddickers, some of whom are here year-round and some of whom I know would love to be here year-round. I like that now I know the correct spelling of some of those names and which couples have keep their own last names.

Wouldn’t it be great if the list included all of the hundreds and I believe, thousands, of folks who feel a connection to Chappy?