The town of Aquinnah will weigh a new road setup south of West Basin Road in the coming months, aiming to create more safety for pedestrians.

The select board heard a proposal from Martha’s Vineyard Commission planner Dan Doyle on August 23 for a reorganization of traffic on a fifth-mile stretch south of the intersection of Lobsterville Road and West Basin Road.

The plan would see two lanes on either side of the road for bike and pedestrian traffic, with a large center lane for cars. Cars driving head-on in the center lanes would slow to the speed of pedestrians, veer to the side and pass one another before returning to the center lane.

Mr. Doyle said the stretch would be a sort of trial program for the town, aiming to test the viability of mixed-use roadways.

“Kind of a pilot stretch,” he said. “A demonstration site.”

He noted that there’s precedent in other areas for this kind of roadway, and said no expansion of the road would be necessary. The project would exclusively repaint the existing road.

“What it’s really doing is formalizing what already happens,” he said, “structuring it in a sense that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists.”

The select board took no action on the plan, as it is in preliminary stages. However, the board voiced support for the idea.

“That’s actually a really unique idea,” said board member Julianne Vanderhoop.

She noted that she’s often taught family members how to ride bikes down that stretch.

Mr. Doyle said he plans to schedule meetings with the public for the project, soliciting input and ideas. He said he’d like to have an in-person forum in the fall, and a virtual one soon after.

“We’re in favor of moving forward,” said select board member Tom Murphy.

Also on August 23, the select board appointed Christopher Manning as a town constable and approved a small-town exemption that allows him to hold more than one governmental position. The constable is an elected town position that oversees polling during elections and signs town meeting warrants. No constable was elected in the town’s May election, leading the select board to appoint the position.

Mr. Manning is also a police officer and lighthouse keeper.