With the Ocean View Restaurant and Tavern now demolished following a fire this winter, building owner Charles Hajjar told the Gazette plans are already in motion to build a replacement.

“I believe it will be the Ocean View reincarnated,” he said by phone Tuesday.

The Ocean View Restaurant burned down on March 3, in a blaze that lasted from the late hours of the morning until after dusk. The fire left the building completely destroyed, with just one wall standing after the smoke settled.

Demolition of the remainder of the building took place over the weekend, and was completed on Tuesday.

“It went well, they were just finishing it up this morning,” Mr. Hajjar said.

Mr. Hajjar said he and restaurant owner Mike Santoro have engaged Sullivan Architects to begin work on a new building. Mr. Hajjar said initial renderings should be complete in the next few weeks.

“We’re still waiting for the rendering,” he said. “I’m sure it’s something fitting for the Vineyard.”

Mr. Hajjar said it will likely take six months or more to receive the necessary permits for the new building, and he anticipates about a year for construction. He said it’s likely the new restaurant won’t be open until 2024.

One key piece of the early design is workforce housing, he said. He noted that the final amount of housing will be reliant upon zoning regulations and the permitting process with the town.

“There’s a need for workforce housing on the Island, and we’d like to fulfill that need,” he said.

He noted that plans for a new building are preliminary, but said he would have a better idea of what’s to come after architect’s renderings are available.