Folk singer Tom Rush returns to the Vineyard next week, bringing the sounds of the ‘60s along for the ferry ride.

A prolific singer-songwriter, Mr. Rush is most famous for capturing the spirit of the counter-culture era, as well as helping to introduce to the world the songs of then little-known songwriters Joni Mitchell and James Taylor.

Mr. Rush has been a frequent visitor to the Island over the decades.

“It feels like home to me out here, especially up-Island,” Mr. Rush said, reminiscing about staying with his aunt in Chilmark during his teenage years. “It was a pretty rowdy scene, a bunch of teenagers acting like teenagers, but what I remember most was that there was a lot of good music on the Island.”

Mr. Rush performs on August 10 at The Loft as part of the Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series. He said that while he plans to premiere some new songs, he promises to also perform the classics the audience grew up listening to.

Close to 60 years since his first concerts at Club Passim in Cambridge, Mr. Rush has found that his songs are not limited to the era in which they were written. He feels they continue to resonate with young people, born long after the hippie movement had become a part of history.

“My songs weren’t restricted to an era, they are about the human condition,” Mr. Rush said. “Some things don’t go away: love affairs break apart, kids leave home, people lose the ones they love. It’s always been that way.”

A prolific storyteller and performer, Mr. Rush sees album sales as a minor part of being a professional musician, secondary to singing for an audience.

“I’ve always regarded the records as a promotional device to advertise my concerts,” Mr. Rush said. “It’s always been about the shows.”

During the pandemic, Mr. Rush shifted his touring to a weekly virtual concert called Rockport Sundays. And while that worked for a while, he is thrilled to return to live shows.

“I learned that when you tell a joke to a video camera, it doesn’t laugh back,” Mr. Rush said.

Tom Rush performs at The Loft in Oak Bluffs on August 10 at 8 p.m., accompanied by singer-songwriter Matt Nikoa. For tickets and information visit — Diego Lasarte