In the early weeks of summer, local musician Elisha Wiesner received a message from Rose Guerin, another member of the Island’s music scene.

Rose Guerin and Adam Epstein have curated the series. — Ray Ewing

Ms. Guerin, he learned, was managing local bookings for The Loft, freshly renovated by the producers of the Beach Road Weekend music festival and now looking to present five nights of live music a week.

Like a modern day Blues Brother, Rose Guerin was on a mission from God: she was putting the band back together. She wanted The Loft to host Mr. Wiesner and his band Kahoots — despite the fact that the group hadn’t played a concert since the onset of the pandemic.

“We don’t play a whole lot. We don’t all live on the Island,” Mr. Wiesner said.

But with Ms. Guerin’s voice behind it, Mr. Wiesner said that playing at The Loft “seemed like it would be fun and we all wanted to do it.”

The concert was a success. To hear Ms. Guerin tell it, she got “hugs from every band member, every single one.”

The Loft in Oak Bluffs has been revamped with a stage and seating for live shows. — Ray Ewing

Mr. Wiesner told the Gazette that the band was impressed by the revamped sound system and the scale of the venue.

“[The Loft] fills a void that was left a few years back because there were no venues left of that size on the Island,” Mr. Wiesner said. “I think having venues like that makes the music scene healthier in a lot of ways.”

Ms. Guerin, who also helps organize music for The Ritz Cafe, said that bringing the Island’s most beloved bands and musicians back to the stage has been the designing principle of this summer’s local lineup at the Loft.

“This is such a culturally rich community here. There’s so much songwriting, so much creativity going on,” Ms. Guerin said.

Last summer she met Adam Epstein, producer of the Beach Road Weekend Music Festival and the Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series, which features The Loft as a key venue. Mr. Epstein reached out early this year and shared his vision for the space. When The Loft wasn’t hosting touring artists and national bands, Mr. Epstein wanted it to be a go-to space for local musicians. And that’s when the idea of bringing back the old bands struck.

“When [Mr. Epstein] approached me about this, it was sort of like, ‘Why don’t we get the bands back that everybody misses?’” Ms. Guerin said.

The new space has a new professional sound system, a green room and private lounge. Plus, Ms. Guerin said, people now have a place to sit and listen.

Sierra Hull performed on a double bill with Della Mae. — Ray Ewing

“It brings out so much creativity and people and re-inspires people,” Ms. Guerin said. “And that’s what we need to do. We need to re-inspire, create creativity on the Island across the board.” In addition to Kahoots, Ms. Guerin has recruited many local bands to perform at The Loft, including Dukes County Love Affair (DCLA) and the Dock Dance Band. Local singer-songwriter Jemima James played the venue earlier this summer. “I haven’t been doing much playing at The Ritz or other bars, it’s too late for me and too crowded,” Ms. James told the Gazette, but she was thrilled at the chance to open for two national touring bands at the Loft: Sierra Hull and Della Mae.

“It was just a special gig,” Ms. James said.

The space has also hosted numerous off-Island bands this summer, including Cautious Clay and Deer Tick. On August 10 Tom Rush performs.

Mr. Epstein is a seasonal resident of the Island and he recalled fond memories of the Island’s thriving music scene. “Music here is ubiquitous. It’s everywhere,” he said. “But what’s not present and hasn’t been present is a true place to perform. And that’s really what live music is about, performing your art and presenting your music on a stage.”

Lexie Roth performed recently. — Ray Ewing

Mr. Epstein is also busy with preparations for the upcoming Beach Road Weekend music festival. Last year’s daily crowds were kept at or below 2,000 guests because of pandemic restrictions. This year, Mr. Epstein said that the concert expects more than 10,000 daily visitors.

“We sold out of all of our weekend passes very, very quickly,” he said. “We’ve got people from all 50 states, six countries.”

The festival runs from August 26 to 28 in Veterans Park in Vineyard Haven. Beck and Wilco are headliners, with dozens of other artists performing across the three days.

But for Ms. Guerin the real highlight will come after the touring acts close down at 8 p.m., when the local bands take the stage.

And then, when the lights go down, they’ll head back to The Loft to keep on playing.