Thank you SeaStreak!

Last week I drove to Dartmouth to return a leased car. The dealer there had arranged a ride for me to the fast ferry dock. As we pulled into the parking area the boat was just about to leave. The attendants rushed me to the boat saying, “Hurry, you can buy your ticket on board.”

So I bought my ticket on board and happily took a seat to enjoy my first ride on the SeaStreak. As I settled down I glanced at the ticket—NAN. Oh no, as a 50-year resident of the Vineyard, how could I be this stupid!

After the shock wore off I returned to the ticket counter (the bar) and checked out the ferry schedule. I would be back in New Bedford in time to catch the last trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Well, at least I’d be home that night.

Again I settled down — no other choice there — to “enjoy” the ride when the young man who sold me the ticket came up and said, ”The captain is going to stop in Oak Bluffs and let you off.”

You can imagine my surprise and amazement. It was announced that there was a stowaway aboard and indeed the boat came into Oak Bluffs and let me off. I felt like a celebrity!

We don’t read much today of kindness and consideration for others. It is such a pleasure to tell this story and express my heartfelt thanks to the captain and to the SeaStreak LLC.

Elizabeth (Bess) Stone