Welcome back to Gail Becker, her daughter, Sharon, and their good friend, Amy. The three have been safely nestled at the family home in West Chop since last Sunday. They enjoyed a fine night downtown. Dinner at Mikado, ice cream down on Union street, and marveling over the changes in stores. Dismaying to all of us is the unused former site of Bowl and Board. We are saddened to see that empty for another summer.

I’m not sure if they were able to stop at Louisa Gould’s gallery. Louisa has welcomed Christie Scheele and her new landscapes. Check them out.

I know Gail has an affinity for Island artists. I urge these three to view my friend Kathy Poehler’s seaweed art at Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown. Kathy had visiting nephew Ari Siegler and her husband Eric helping to hang her artwork.

Welcome to new store Seven Sisters. Ty Sinnett has taken the space where Kara Taylor had her shop. Ty has incredible taste. I know this will be successful.

After two years of Covid restrictions, Featherstone is thrilled to announce an in-person writing workshop on August 2 and 3. Emily Bernard will lead the workshop.

In great library events, Frye Gaillard — who co-authored, with Cynthia Tucker, The Southernization of America, A Story of Democracy in the Balance — will speak at 4 p.m. on Saturday. The talk is free. Masks are required. And artist/builder/architect Lew French will present a book talk, Sticks and Stones, on August 2 at the Oak Bluffs Public Library.

Kim Stokes Beal and Chris Voight are visiting her brother Wes at the family home on Lenny’s Loop. Lots of barbecuing is going on.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Joan Jenkinson on July 22. Logan Campbell turned one on July 25. And on July 27, Meg Honey Baptiste and Liz Masi took the cake. Many happy returns.