Ralston Francis and Mavis M. Francis purchased 32 Norton Orchard Road in Edgartown from James E. Chirgwin and Margaret A. Chirgwin for $1,975,000 on July 19.

Robert D. Moriarty Trs. and Katama Kid Realty Trust purchased 201 Upper Main street in Edgartown from Edward Frank Benoit and Babette Marie Benoit for $1,550,000 on July 20.

Charles T. Felder purchased 55 Windsor Drive in Edgartown from Richard P. Marshall Jr. and Corinne A. Hatt Est. for $1,009,000 on July 20.

C6 Mattakesett LLC purchased Unit C6 at 475 Katama Road in Edgartown from C6 Katama Realty LLC for $1,356,274 on July 21.

Oak Bluffs

Therese Fleming purchased 47 Buena Vista street in Oak Bluffs from John M. Regan and Margaret M. Regan for $1,300,000 on July 19.

One California Consulting Group LLC purchased 1 California avenue in Oak Bluffs from Todd M. Rebello and Mia Rebello for $1,290,000 on July 19.

Vineyard Haven

HSEC RE VH 2 LLC purchased Unit 11 at 26 Surveyors Lane in Vineyard Haven from C&J Property Enterprises LLC for $350,000 on July 21.

Geoghan Coogan Trs. and King Arthur Nominee Trust purchased 131 Summer street in Vineyard Haven from William O’Callaghan for $699,000 on July 22.

West Tisbury

Vera Lucia Pedro Cacique purchased 105 Charles Neck Way in West Tisbury from William B. Spector, Rachel E. Spector, Patricia M. Stewart Est., and Edward W. Stewart Est. for $900,000 on July 18.