Food trucks have emerged from regulatory limbo in West Tisbury, where select board members this week approved new rules governing how the mobile take-out eateries may operate in the town.

Drafted by the planning board, reviewed by town counsel and approved Wednesday by the select board, the new rules are not bylaws, which require voter approval.

“We have regulations. We don’t have changes in zoning bylaws, but that will be worked on,” said Cynthia Mitchell, chairing a diminished select board of herself and Skipper Manter.

Jessica Miller, elected to the board earlier this year to complete the late Kent Healy’s term, was traveling Wednesday and unable to join the online meeting.

Based on the West Tisbury bylaw prohibiting fast food restaurants, the town’s zoning inspector earlier this year denied permit requests for food trucks at the twice-a-week Artisans Festivals at Grange Hall and youth soccer games at the town school.

Both decisions were overturned by the zoning board of appeals, which afterward met jointly with the planning board and select board to discuss the need for clearer guidance on food trucks, a form of eatery that is not covered by existing bylaws.

The newly approved regulations define a food truck as “a readily movable trailer, cart or motorized wheeled vehicle, currently registered with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, designed and equipped to cook, or prepare or serve food,” and permits food truck use “as an adjunct service to an event or activity, not as a free-standing food establishment.”

The trucks also must obtain food service permits from the town health department.

Only food and soft drinks are allowed, under the food truck rules.

“If someone comes to us with a horse truck selling beer and wine, that’s another thing altogether,” town administrator Jennifer Rand said.

If the food truck will be available to the public, t he permit application fee is $100. Private events on private property are exempt from the new regulations, as long as the food is not offered for sale and the truck is gone after 24 hours.

The rules also limit such private events with food trucks to no more than two per calendar year without a permit from the select board.

Food trucks at events in the business district or at the Agricultural Fair are also exempt from the new rules, but must still apply for permits under existing town bylaws.

Among other business Wednesday, Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Manter approved the appointment of 25 poll workers for the Sept. 6 state primary election.

The board also set early voting dates of August 27, which is also last day to register to vote in the primary, and August 29 through Sept 2.

All voting takes place at the West Tisbury public safety building at 454 State Road.