Grinleys on the Hill LLC purchased 55 North Abels Hill Road in Chilmark from Gordon K. Reese, Gordon Kennedy Reese Jr. and Laurel C. Walker for $2,300,000 on July 11.

Delanie S. Pickering purchased 1 Shadbush Hollow Road in Chilmark from Jonathan Zeeman for $1,600,000 on July 12.


Uros Andrijanic and Katherine A. Beynnon purchased 13 Hannahs Way in Edgartown from Laurence Scherzer Trs. and the Helen L. Levine Revocable Trust for $1,275,000 on July 12.

MSK LLC purchased 14 Mill Hill Road in Edgartown from Michael Ciancio for $950,000 on July 12.

Antonio R. Piraino and Ashley B. Piraino purchased Unit 19 at 17 Mill street in Edgartown from John R. Burger and Pamela M. Burger for $765,000 on July 12.

Oak Bluffs

AFBS LLC purchased 44 Paddock Road in Oak Bluffs from Stephen Polin and Jaclyn Polin for $1,150,000 on July 12.

Cannahoot LLC purchased 54 Cannahoot street in Oak Bluffs from Brian J. Farrell and Elke A. Farrell for $1,300,000 on July 12.

9 Tuckernuck LLC purchased 9 Tuckernuck avenue in Oak Bluffs from Alfie C. Daniels Trs. and 9 Tuckernuck Realty Trust for $1,300,000 on July 14.

Radcliffe House LLC purchased 77 Pennacook avenue in Oak Bluffs from Timothy P. Guidera and Pamela S. Guidera for $1,620,000 on July 15.

John Cruz and Barbara Cruz purchased 28 Greenleaf avenue in Oak Bluffs from Shawn K. Lytle for $3,000,000 on July 15.

Vineyard Haven

Erik Nathan Peckar purchased 179 Skiff avenue in Vineyard Haven from Ian Maclachlan for $323,500 on July 11.