The West Tisbury Library’s revamped annual book sale opened Sunday, with book enthusiasts mulling through hundreds of donated books collected on the library’s back porch.

This year the book sale switched to a multi-week affair rather than its traditional summer weekend event. Summer programming at the West Tisbury School, it’s usual home, precluded that option this year, explained Amy Carignan, who co-organizes the book sale.

Louisa Sylvia enjoys a book, while her mom Lydia looks on. — Jeanna Shepard

“We had to think of something new,” Ms. Carignan said.

The sale continues at the library for the next three Sundays from 12 to 4 p.m.

The new format includes a different “featured collection” each Sunday. Cookbooks were the main event on the first day; next week, biographies take center stage.

Staple collections, however, will continue to be available every week. These collections include trade paperback, hardcover mystery and fiction, children’s books, and books about the Vineyard of by Vineyard authors.

Ms. Carignan hopes that the rotating collection will encourage shoppers to return each weekend.

Book sale at the West Tisbury Library will continue the next three Sundays. — Jeanna Shepard

In past years, the sale has moved thousands of books, said Kathie Skinner, Ms. Carignan’s chief co-organizer.

“We must sell between 10,000 — 15,000 books a year,” Ms. Skinner estimated.

Books are put out at bargain prices, with paperbacks at $1 and hardcovers at $3. The featured collections and Vineyard-themed books are priced individually.

At these prices, and with such a diversity of choices, it’s rare to see a shopper leave with any less than an armful of books.

The schedule continues on July 17 with biographies ; July 24, gardening books; and July 31, military and maritime books.

Ms. Carignan and Ms. Skinner said that they plan to keep the weekly sale going into August, with an as-yet undisclosed roster of featured collections, if turnout and volunteer participation stays high.

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