Island police chiefs reported a busy but mostly routine Fourth of July weekend.

There was one arrest over the weekend in Edgartown, police chief Bruce McNamee said. A 69-year-old Oak Bluffs man was arrested for drunk driving at the intersection of Cooke street and Peases Point way around 9 p.m. on Monday.

“Nothing of terrific consequence,” Chief McNamee said. “I haven’t heard of anything that would be any different from any other July.”

The Fourth of July parade in Edgartown, a summer tradition which came back in full force Monday, was busy but smooth, the chief said. He thanked the litany of law enforcement groups — from other Island police departments to the state environmental police — for helping ensure a safe, fun time for all who attended.

“We’re currently short-staffed this summer, and we could not have pulled it off as safely and successfully as we did without their support,” Chief McNamee said. “That kind of support from those agencies allows us to seamlessly pull off an event like that.”

Oak Bluffs police chief Jonathan Searle reported seven arrests and five minor car accidents, none of which resulted in injuries, he said. On Friday around 8:45 p.m. police arrested Joel DaSilva, 41, of Edgartown, for drunk driving after he crashed into a telephone pole on Circuit avenue. Police also discovered roughly 17 grams of cocaine in the car and charged Mr. DaSilva with possession with intent to distribute the drug.

There were two arrests in Vineyard Haven, according to Tisbury police chief Chris Habekost. On Sunday around 6 p.m. a 26-year-old man from East Boston was arrested for drunk driving on Dunham avenue. Around 1 a.m. Tuesday a 36-year-old man from Texas was also arrested for drunk driving on Edgartown Road.

In addition to complaints about amateur firework displays, Tisbury police responded to a pair of car crashes on Main street, Chief Habekost said. He described both as “fender benders” and said there were no injuries.

“Largely uneventful,” Chief Habekost said of the weekend. “Thankfully.”

A cyclist who wiped out on Middle Road in Chilmark was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, Chilmark police chief Jonathan Klaren said. Otherwise Chilmark police responded to a handful of noise complaints for loud music and fireworks.

“They were all either unfounded or the parties quieted down,” Chief Klaren said.

West Tisbury police saw a steady stream of calls throughout the weekend, Chief Matt Mincone said. Trespassing and parking complaints at town beaches as well as traffic stops filled the weekend call log.

“It’s what we’re expecting this time of year,” Chief Mincone said. “Busy but expected levels of busy.”