Richard S. Dubin and Lee M. Dubin purchased 20 Oak Dale Drive in Edgartown from Amy G. St. Germain for $1,050,000 on May 16.

Jennifer B. Souza-Madura, Robert K. Souza Jr. and Roger T. Madura purchased property on Takemmy Path in Edgartown from Peter J. D’Angelo and Margaret D’Angelo for $750,000 on May 18.

Casa Bendita LLC purchased 8 Aero avenue in Edgartown from Gary E. Mead and Gwenn A. Mead for $3,050,000 on May 19.

15 Mill Street LLC purchased 15 Mill street, Unit 4 and 20 Pease’s Point Way north, units 6 and 24 in Edgartown from Janisco Properties LLC for $815,000 on May 20.

Kevin R. Gundersen Trs., Pia Gundersen Trs. and 17 Twenty Second Street Nominee Trust purchased 17 Twenty Second street north in Edgartown from Gerald T. Haase for $175,000 on May 20.

Dennis B. Ford purchased 81 Thirteenth street north in Edgartown from Susan V. Hahn for $1,378.12 on May 20.

Peter M. Deluca purchased 21 Herring Creek Road in Edgartown from Katama View LLC for $2,175,000 on May 20.

Vineyard Haven

Christopher Gibson purchased 21 Locust Lane in Vineyard Haven from Beth A. Johnson and John L. Johnson for $535,000 on May 16.

Xerxes K. Aghassipour purchased 97 Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Sarah A. Sumner, Burnet B. Sumner and Cyril J. Sumner for $1,085,000 on May 16.

54 Oklahoma LLC purchased 54 Oklahoma avenue in Vineyard Haven from Thomas Searle Trs. and Searle Nominee Trust for $1,050,000 on May 17.

Thomas J. Stevenson purchased 98 John Hoft Road in Vineyard Haven from Linda T. Comstock for $725,000 on May 18.

Lauren Dickerman Trs. and Lauren Dickerman Revocable Trust purchased 61 Heath Hen Lane in Vineyard Haven from Valdemiro Barros and Ann Barros for $1,050,000 on May 19.

West Tisbury

Adam M. Zaiger Trs. and 140 Waldrons Bottom Road Nominee Trust purchased 140 Waldrons Bottom Road in West Tisbury from Nicholas J. Paul and Elizabeth B. Paul for $2,395,000 on May 17,

Kevin Selby and Joann Hathaway purchased property on Harpoon Lane in West Tisbury from Clark B. Bruno and Julie Braverman Bruno for $925,000 on May 18.